“Raajneeti” produced and directed by Prakash Jha comes with a tagline “Politics… And Beyond..” is no doubt an entertaining political story. The movie picks up pace from the beginning and the tempo keeps building for most part of the movie. The baseline is that the film brings out the darker side of human beings in their quest for power. Prakash Jha has roped in big names of Bollywood for this project and in the end has won lot of accolades for a realistic portrayal of the dirty politics that is prevalent in the country. The movie during the making was compared to real life politics and especially Katrina Kaif was said to be playing a role inspired by the life of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

The movie begins with a political rally which has Naseeruddin Shah (In a guest appearance) questioning the Chief Minister which also has the daughter (Nikhila Trikha) of the man at the helm revolting against him. An illicit relationship blossoms between the two and Naseeruddin Shah leaves after that fateful night owning moral responsibility and the relationship brings to life a boy which is taken away by Nana Patekar only to be left in the river on a basket.

30 years later the boy who was left in the basket happens to be Ajay Devgn who is a kabbadi champion and is brought up by a dalit family. During elections when Arjun Rampal announces a party candidate to contest the elections, there is resistance amongst people led by Ajay Devgn. On the other hand Arjun Rampal has a tough opponent within the party Manoj Bajpayee who is fighting for supremacy and is also his cousin.

Comes in Ranbir Kapoor from America to spend some time with family as he always wanted to distance himself from politics. In India he has the gorgeous Katrina Kaif who is madly in love with Ranbir Kapoor and on the other hand Ranbir is in love with his American girl friend Sarah Thompson.

Ranbir Kapoor minutes before departing to America gets to know that his father has been shot at and he decides to stay back to set things right. Situations take a worse turn when Ranbir convinces Katrina to marry Arjun Rampal and when Arjun Rampal dies in a bomb blast the mantle of leading the party falls on Katrina Kaif. Things start to get murkier as the power war gains upper hand and what follows is an intriguing display of corruption, bribery and revenge which does not even spare a mother who finds her son after 30 yrs.

The director has made the best use of available talent and the casting is perfect. Katrina Kaif in the role of a political leader resembles exactly like Sonia Gandhi as she copies her mannerisms perfectly. Ranbir Kapoor has moved out of his chocolate boy image to becoming an action hero and going forward he needs to concentrate more on this genre.

The movie since moves on a serious note there aren’t many songs but that hasn’t let down the entertainment quotient of the film. Though there are lagging moments during the latter half of the movie, the viewers get their money’s worth out of this political saga.

“Raajneeti” an insider’s view of dirty politics.


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