Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release “Ra One” which was on a promotional spree say from 10 months prior to its release had its expectations sky rocketing. The movie which was originally shot in 2D format was digitally re-mastered into a 3D film which further increased its brand value. Shah Rukh Khan who is the producer of this film went on a marketing overdrive to make sure that the film’s reach was phenomenal. Undoubtedly, the film had a buzz surrounding it and to make matters better it was dubbed into Tamil and Telugu.

Director Abhinav Sinha looks like he had a strong influence of the film Terminator while scripting this film. The story line looks similar and also certain scenes which are reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film. The screenplay again which should have been of the top draw fails miserably and in the end all one gets is a mediocre product which took crores of money to make.

Shekhar Subramaniam (Shah Rukh Khan) is not the typical one man bashing other bad guys type. In fact, when he gets mugged at a point he willingly gives across the money he is carrying. His son Prateek (Armaan Verma) completely feels let down by his father’s cowardness.

Shekhar by profession is a video game creator and he decides to create a simulation game titled “Ra One”. Things seem to go awfully wrong when the villain character in the game suddenly comes to life and creates havoc in Shekhar’s life. If the villain can come out of the game into real life existence, so can the hero do and that is what happens in this “Ra One”.

Arjun Rampal comes as the real-life “Ra One” while Shah Rukh Khan comes as the real-life “G One”.

In the end with the conventional good guy winning over the bad guy formula the movie draws to a close. The major disappointment in the film is the screenplay especially in the second half where the viewers are shown nothing more than a video game played in 3D format. The climax scene is such a drab that it is not worth the time and money wasted on it.

On the flip side the few brighter points of the movie are the acting of Shah Rukh Khan, Armaan Verma and Kareena Kapoor. The songs by Vishal Shekhar are already chartbusters and are well shot. The Chamak Chalo song which is a craze amongst the youth increases the tempo of the film in the second half.

The movie which has a running time of 150 minutes has few scenes which are brilliant, but it is too few that it doesn’t create an impact on the audience. Director Abhinav Sinha should have concentrated more on the screenplay and on the entertainment quotient considering he had one of the finest actors in India at his disposal.

“Ra One” a dull and boring video game in 3D.

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