When you get tired of watching the same formula masala movies one after another, here comes a no-logic, full comedy stylishh!!! entertainer presented in a true cowboy style with lots of accent reminiscent of good old movies,the costumes and make-up of the actors making you laugh and at the same time enjoy and last but not the least Dr. Rajendra Prasad as Quick Gun Murugun steals the show with his comic timing and his yellow pants and green shirt costumes coupled with lipstick on the cheeks this movie is a funny entertainer.

This 97 minute movie has been released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu to enthrall the audience of all classes and especially the dialogues like “Mind it” and “Leave it I Say” makes this movie a fun-filled laugh riot.

The movie begins in 1982 where Rice Plate Reddy (Nasser) along with his associate Gunpowder (shamnmugaraja) go about converting all veg restaurants to non-veg restaurants. QGM on one such visit encounters the ordeal of a hotel owner and he decides to save the cattle and teach Rice Plate Reddy a lesson.

QGM then goes to Coconut tree climbing Institute to meet Rice Plate Reddy and Reddy takes revenge on him. QGM after lot of hardships decide to retaliate on Rice Plate Reddy.

Rambha sizzles on screen with her sensuous character of Mango Dolly acabaret dancer also helps QGM towards achieving his goal. The most funniest part in the movie is QGM’s Locket Lover (Anuradha Menon) who insists QGM to take-up kerosene dealership as an occupation for which QGM replies “Cowboy is my occupation”.

Director Shashank Ghosh has been inspired by lot of western classics to conceptualize a movie on this genre, he has done a commendable job. Rambha with her blonde wig by the day and the girl-next-door looks at night has performed this role with ease.

The actions scenes are superb and especially the Mumbai Traffic action scene is the ultimate face-off between QGM and Rowdy MBA (Raju Sundaram) who happens to the Vice-President of Mc Dosa company which is promoted by Rice Plate Reddy in order to conquer the world with his company’s non-veg Dosa’s.

There is one thing that you need to leave behind at home when you go to watch this movie and that is your common sense and never look for logic in this laugh-riot.

Quick Gun Murugun gives you an interesting adventure of an Indian Cowboy.

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