1 geek + 1 beauty = Pyaar Impossible… That’s the tag line of the film used extensively in the promos. Priyanka chopra no doubt looks beautiful on screen but why does her dress always shrink film after film. In this movie which is supposedly meant to attract youth and family audience the skimpy dresses she wears is definitely an eye-sore. Uday Chopra after a spate of films as a supporting role actor decided to give his career a boost and has taken the mantle of playing a solo hero along with producing and scripting the movie. The movie which was supposed to have released in November 2009 has been delayed due to unknown reasons and has finally seen the light in January 2010.

The movie begins with Abhay (Uday Chopra) walking in with a self-introduction of how dumb he is at college and he happens to be so dumb that he ends up doing his classmates homework and project work. On the other hand we have Alisha (Priyanka Chopra) who is the ravishing beauty in college and doesn’t even know that a geek named Abhay exists in this world. Abhay is madly in love with Alisha and whether this odd pair can ever join together in life? Well, the writer in Uday Chopra thinks that’s Impossible whereas the audience knows that’s possible because anything is possible in movies.

Alisha is forcibly made to quit college by her dad and poor Abhay doesn’t know where she is for 7 years. In the meantime the geek designs a peculiar software that could run all operating system in one platform. Varun a.k.a Sidhu (Dino Morea) approaches Abhay to purchase the rights of the software and ends up stealing it from him. When Abhay comes to know of this he traces Varun to Singapore and he travels there to get his software back.

Varun again comes into the scheme of things as the person who had created the revolutionary software to the company where Alisha works for a business deal. Here, the usual and expected sequence of Abhay meeting Alisha takes place but the only difference is that she is a single divorced mother with Tanya, her 6 yr old daughter. Abhay ends up as Tanya’s nanny and the scene where Alisha leaves her daughter in the custody of an unknown man without enquiring anything about him is sloppy scripting. Abhay and Tanya gel along very well and Alisha gets impressed by this.

Whether the Impossible Pyaar becomes possible and whether Abhay gets his revolutionary software back is summed up in the remaining portion of the movie. Uday Chopra is better of being second fiddle to saleable heroes and Priyanka Chopra is kind of saving grace in this lifeless film. The star undoubtedly is the 6 yr old Tanya who has given a convincing performance. Anupam Kher as Abhay’s dad is nothing more than a filler in the entire plot. Director Jugal Hansraj one would suppose has been very faithful to the script given to him.

“Pyaar Impossible” ends up being Impossibly boring.


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