poojaiDirector Hari known for his masala entertainers has once again tried his hand in another action packed masala flick with Vishal acting and producing the same titled “Poojai”. The film had its task cut out right from the beginning as the expectation on the film was very limited considering that it will be a pure masala entertainer. “Poojai” with a running time of 160 minutes has its moments but such moments are far too less and not much to cherish about.

Vishal is a small time money lender in Coimbatore market making a living for himself. There is a conventional villain who establishes in the beginning as to what his role is going to be and how the story will pan out. The guess on the storyline basis the first few minutes into the film fits perfectly as to what rolls out on screen.

The film is all about how Vishal and the bad guy in Mukesh Tiwari cross paths and what are the repercussions that arises due to this bull fight. The storyline is absolutely a time tested one that had seen success and failure alike. The thin line between success and failure is decided by the way screenplay is knitted around the storyline and that’s where director Hari turns out to be a disaster.

The film also suffers from too much of hero centric sequences as it has to be loyal to its producer. In almost every scene there is Vishal except in the ones where the villain plots against the hero. Such a prolonged appearance by Vishal drags the film badly. Also, in the absence of any significant twists or turns, it turns out to be a dud.

Soori roped in for comedy seems to have taken his popularity too much for granted. The so called comedy sequences enacted by him is really a pain to sit through. There is a huge ensemble of star cast from Radhika, Jayaprakash, Kousalya, Sithara, Renuka, Thalaivasal Vijay and others who get lost in the meaningless plot. Andrea makes in a surprise appearance in an item number without much success. Sathyaraj has been completely wasted in an insignificant role.

Sruthi Hassan plays the female lead in the film and her role seems to be half-baked there is no conviction in the enactment by Sruthi Hassan. Even in the songs where she exposes bit of cleavage and navel fails to draw the required attention it normally should.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is not worthy of mention. Editing by V T Vijayan and T S Jai should have been more crisper and easily 30 mins could have been chopped off at the editing table itself.

Hari who was known to have understood the pulse of Kollywood audience quite well has taken his understanding for granted which has backfired. Overall, such a bad output was least expected from director Hari.

“Poojai” is a case of old wine gone sour in a new bottle.

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