Director Sasi who happens to be the man at helm for churning out hit films like Sollamale, Roja Kootam and Dishyum decided to do an onscreen adaptation of a short story named “Veyilodu Poi” which happens to be a tale filled with human emotions and realities of life. The director has done a commendable job on the whole in bringing the rustic nature of the story on the big screen but the lack of thrust in the screenplay has made this movie an average fare.

Parvathy (Debutant Mari) from her young age is fond of her maternal uncle’s son Thangarasu (Srikanth) and her ambition in life is to get married to him. On the other hand Thangarasu right from his younger days has mixed feelings towards her.

As they both grow-up in life and when Mari inches closer to getting married to her sweetheart she gets into dilemma by the way Thangarasu has grown in his career and added to it her friend’s advice makes matters worse.

When all breaks down and Thangarasu decides not to marry her Mari is crest-fallen and she does whatever she can to see him happy. The movie mainly revolves around the charecter of Mari and her surroundings and the debutant has played a pivotal role.

Director Sasi has once again proved that he can be trusted when the storyline is different from the ordinary. All said and done if the packaging of the movie was better then this could have been a thoroughly entertaining fare but nevertheless this movie brings out the mental pain and agony of an innocent village girl to perfection.

Poo a movie to watch for the subject and the treatment given to it.

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