“Polar Storm” directed by Paul Ziller is a Sci-fi movie which again follows the gang in predicting that life on earth is nearing its end. Since this movie not shot on a lavish budget, the scope for breathtaking graphics are minimal and the director cleverly chose to have electro magnetic field as the culprit for the destruction of life on earth.

The movie begins with a comet passing near the earth’s orbit and as script would have it the comet breaks into clusters when it crosses earth and one such cluster hits earth which starts to create havoc. Dr. James Mayfield (Jack Coleman) an astrophysicist working on a classified project plays the lead role where he lives along with his son Shane Mayfield (Tyler Johnston) and wife Cynthia Mayfield (Holly Dignard). James narrowly escapes death when the comet cluster impacts earth and which creates an avalanche to destroy whatever that comes in its way.

James back home gets annoyed by the President (Roger R Cross) who addresses the nation that there is nothing to worry. James then instructs his family to move out of the town and he goes to the base where he gets to meet his father General Mayfield (Terry David Mulligan) whom he has not met for five years.

In the meantime the electromagnetic waves creates more damage and gets severe by the minute. James then in consultation with the President and his advisor suggests various alternatives which could put an end to the current catastrophe. The first few ideas bite the dust as the electromagnetic waves are too strong to penetrate and hence he decides on a peculiar method to impact the earth’s magnetic crust.

Both father and son with the help of Russian Navy get to do the unthinkable and save the human race from extinction. Though this movie sans logic looks ok but the biggest question is why does always only the lead actor’s family escape unhurt and why can’t our film makers think something innovative when they get to handle such themes.

Jack Coleman looks perfect, Roger R Cross as the Black President looks alarmingly composed even when he knows that a tragedy of this magnitude is happening. Tyler as the mischievous son scores well and the same applies to Holly dignard and Terry David Mulligan. Director Paul Ziller needs a lot of thinking to do before he ventures into a genre like this.

“Polar Storm” average and uninteresting.

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