“Piranha” begins on a stylish note but within minutes into the movie, the plot is thrown wide open and to make matters worse unnecessary nudity and gore is pumped too much into the storyline which makes this movie an average B-grade flick. The storyline is cliched and its screenplay cant get any bad. The film’s director Alexandre Aja has decided that high content of nudity will work wonders for the film, which in reality does not work beyond a point.

“Piranha” is typically a man-eating fish and when they hunt, they hunt in packs. The movie begins with a seismic activity in a lake which sets free scores of “Piranha” fishes free in the open. Unfortunately, it is that point of the year where the residents around the lake celebrate their weekend with fun n frolic.

In such a setting it doesn’t require anything special to even think what would be in store for the viewers in the film. And in the end the movie wraps up in such a manner that a sequel to it is very much in the offing. In terms of acting, all the actors have just put in mediocre performances. Cinematography by John R Leonetti is brilliant as the underwater shots are captured aesthetically.

There is a lot of scenes where the girls go full monty and there are even more scenes which leaves a bad taste in the mouth especially when the “Piranha’s” are on a rampage. Editing by Baxter should have been more crisp as there are too many scenes that are deemed unnecessary to the main storyline.

The 3D effect even fails to do the trick as certain scenes in 3D is too hot to watch. The movie can in short be termed as a mild pornographic flick in 3D format. Director Alexandre Aja needs to work big time on the screenplay as the major spoiler in this film as mentioned earlier is the lackluster speed at which sequences unfold. The movie has a running time of 85 minutes.

“Piranha” is not worth the watch even on 3D.

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