Phoonk 2 is a lackluster attempt in horror genre and it is no different from his previous flick “Vaastu Shaastra”. The movie is so predictable that there is absolutely nothing to savor than the sound effects which again is just too loud.

In “Bhoot” the ghost was really scary but in Phoonk 2 the ghost hardly scares anyone and also the sequences which are supposed to be spine-chiller turn out to be damp squib. RGV had earlier announced an award of 5 Lacs to the bravest individual who could dare to see the movie all alone in a theatre but now everyone knows that its nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

The movie unfolds into the main story line from where it was left in the first installment without wasting any time as the family moves into a house which is not been occupied for quite sometime at the same time the house needs renovations and everything to make it livable. Rajiv (Sudeep) and Aarti (Amruta Khanvikar) with their two kids are the occupants of the house.

An exorcist starts to haunt the family from the word go and after that the film just drags on and on for close to 2 hours before the end credits roll. Aarti is possessed by the spirit of Madhu (Ashwini Kalsekar) who was killed in the prequel and it ends up taking revenge on the family members until the director Milind Gadagkar decides its time to finish the film.

Though there are few scenes which are gory to watch, the climax drags on till the good wins over evil and things draw to a close. The question here is why does the women folk always get possessed by the spirits? Probably they look more scarier than men!

In terms of acting none of the actors have significantly contributed, Music is again pretty ordinary and thanks to the sound effects team for the occasional gimmicks. Ram Gopal Varma needs to think more than twice the next time he decides to make a horror genre movie.

“Phoonk 2” – Too loud and too boring.

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