The infamous Kandahar hijack episode that took place in December 1999 is the inspiration behind this storyline which has been handled deftly by director Radha Mohan. The movie begins with establishing the characters who are from different walks of life which includes a Central Minister, Film star, Astrologist, Father, Doctor and many more. The flight which is on its journey from Chennai to Delhi gets hijacked mid-way and due to circumstances is forced to land in Tirupati Airport.

The drama and suspense starts to unfold from this moment as Vishwanath (Prakash Raj) who is the Home Secretary walks in to deal with the situation and is accompanied by few senior administrators. They begin their negotiations with the hijackers and get to know of their demands.

Any hijack drama without the presence of commandos will seem meaningless and there walks in Maj. Raveendra (Nagarjuna) who is from NSG. Its now between Vishwanath, Raveendra and other administrators who have to make a call and decision on what needs to be done next and within the given deadline.

The best thing about the movie is that the entire episode is shown happening over a period of four days and there is so much detailing that has gone into the minute aspects of film making like make-up and other things that maintain the authenticity of the plot. Simultaneously,  life inside the aircraft and things that usually happens in such situations are well planned and executed by the director.

There are twists in the tale right from the beginning till the end but certain twists are really well thought off while the others are highly predictable. The director instead of sticking only to the main plot has inter-linked many sub-plots in the film by bringing in the personal stories of the passengers including a brewing love story helps in moving the events at a steady pace.

One thing appreciable in this “Payanam” is that there is no high-voltage action involved which normally one would expect in this type of films but instead the director has chosen to present a drama which is gripping and at the same time logical. There are certain places in the screenplay that definitely is a let down but considering the overall scenario it doesn’t matter much.

In terms of acting, Prakash Raj and Nagarjuna hog the limelight and one surprising aspect is the fitness of Nagarjuna who at 52 looks fit than any other young hero in Kollywood and one wonders how is he able to maintain such a fantastic physique. Poonam Kaur’s role as air hostess is notable.

There are also Radha Mohan’s favorite actors like M S Bhaskar, Manobala, Thalaivasal Vijay and many others who find a place in his films right from “Azhagiya Theeye” days and supporting actors like Dr. Bharath Reddy, Sana Khan and Melkote have performed their roles to perfection. The fun made on Prithviraj who plays the character of a Film Star and Brahmanandam as a film director is enjoyable.

Music by Pravin Mani and Cinematography by K V Guhan is commendable which has ensured that the final product is well made. The film has a running time of 135 minutes is worth every penny and is sure to be a winner at the box-office.

Radha Mohan has proven once again that he is a director of substance and not just masala. If more films like “Payanam” that are realistic and story centric are made then it will indeed signal a bright future for Tamil Cinema which has produced more flops than hits in 2010.

“Payanam” is neat, entertaining and enjoyable.

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