“Paul” is a sci-fiction comedy about two sci-fi enthusiasts who travel from U.K to U.S to attend a comic conference. After the conference gets over these two take a road trip across the southwest to places where there are several UFO landmarks including Area 51. On their way they are joined by Alien Paul who has run away from the government and he needs the help of the two men to take him to the place from where he can make his way to his homeland. Quite interesting plot from the outset but somehow the movie misses the trick as lots of loose ends are knit together.

Paul ( Voice of Seth Rogen) is an alien who for the past 60 years has been confined to a top-secret military base. One fine day, Paul decides to sneak out of the base and decide to hop on in the first vehicle out of town. Greame Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost) are on their way to UFO heartland where they cross Paul’s path and from there on they along with another girl whom they accidentally kidnap make sure that they reach the place where Paul’s mother ship is waiting to pick him up.

The movie is a sci-fi comedy and for most part it is well scripted, the minor lapses though are the scenes where the show the intelligence officers in a bad light which makes this movie a little off track venture. On the other hand the acting from the actors is exactly what the director warranted and the special effects add more glitz to the movie which makes this “Paul” a watchable fair.

The movie has a running time of 97 minutes and with a tub of popcorn and on a weekend to relax, this movie is worth the watch. Director Greg Mottola who had earlier directed a movie titled “Superbad” has made sure that his audience go home in a happy mood after watching this “Paul”.

Alien “Paul” is worth the effort put in by its makers.

Watch the Trailer of “Paul”:

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