“Passengers” is a movie which belongs to the thriller genre. But when we sit through the movie all we get is only disappointment. The theme of the story seems to be so familiar to us especially when the director decides to copy movies like “Sixth Sense” and “The Others”. In the end of it all the efforts put in by the cast and crew turns out to be a damp squib. The director Rodrigo Garcia after his 2005 super hit “Nine Lives” has let his talents drop down to such low levels by virtue of this movie.

The movie begins in an aircraft where the passengers are seen having their refreshments and immediately the aircraft develops some serious problems and crashes leaving few survivors behind.

Claire (Anne Hathaway) plays the role of a counselor who is in charge of conducting therapy classes for the traumatized air crash survivors. When the counseling session begins she has conflicting answers from the survivors about the cause of the crash.

After the counseling sessions starts her patients keep disappearing. And also during her sessions she sees strangers lurk outside her windows which makes her even more suspicious on the plane crash episode.

In the meantime Eric (Patrick Wilson) seems to be different from the other survivors and he does not intend on attending Claire’s sessions but insists on house visit for which Claire agrees. Eric in the meantime seems to possess the ability to read Claire’s mind.

When all goes fine Claire’s patients keep disappearing and the possibility of the airlines trying to hide facts seem to hover around. Arkin (David Morse) the airline’s official also adds to the suspense by following Claire and avoiding her when she confronts him.

In the end when we think that all the suspense will lead to something very dramatic all we get in return is only disappointment when the actual plot is revealed.

Passengers has a very dampening screenplay written by Ronnie Christensen and mediocre music by Ed Shearmur.

On the whole not to bother too much about these “Passengers”.

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