Horror flicks generally reminds us of lavish sets coupled with computer graphics and with a luxury of a big budget to experiment with. Paranormal activity though falls into the horror genre none of the above mentioned criterions apply to this movie. This movie is shot on a documentary mode and the producer spent just US $15,000 for this movie which has terrified viewers worldwide. The movie which is touted as one of the best horror flicks of all time scores heavily on the fear factor.

The movie which follows the Blair Witch Project route has generated more revenue than expected and major contribution for that goes to the numerous tweets that were exchanged on this movie. The movie which is written, directed, produced and edited by Oren Pele is a class-act in itself and lets hope the man does not get carried away by the stupendous success of this movie.

Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) are pretty much your typical nice young couple. They move in to a new house in San Diego and Katie always has a feeling that she is being followed by some kind of spirit. Micah who is her boyfriend is so caring about her that he wants to clear any doubts about any paranormal activity occurring around his girl friend.

Micah buys a video camera and follows her through the day and fixes it in their bedroom in the night wherein the footage gets captured on his laptop. In the morning when they look at the recorded video they find out that there is indeed something thats happening in the night. And the recordings continue days together and each night they find that the unusual activities gets stronger by the night and in the end the ending makes us feel for the couple and at the same time brings in us the fear that such things can happen to anyone.

Katie and Micah are convincing in their roles and all credit should be given to Oren Pele for the style of narration he has followed. This movie does freak you out when you watch it in theatres with people around you but on the flip side its damn scary if you watch it alone at home especially during the night.

“Paranormal Activity” never watch it alone.

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