ParadesiDirector Bala is known to deliver some rustic subjects in a realistic manner and importantly not to forget the typical Bala’s tragic ending style.  In his latest film “Paradesi” , he doesn’t disappoint a bit instead he his back to his best once again. Based on a true story this film is heart rendering and at the same time brings in the required rustic feel that compliments its subject.

When the film began to roll, there were a few who were surprised on his choice of the male antagonist being played by Atharva. Atharva who has had two mediocre performances in his kitty would have to consider him lucky to have landed this role. On the female lead being played by Vedhika, the urban centric girl has made a remarkable change over for this film.

The film begins in the pre-independence era with Rasa (Atharva) a carefree guy roaming around the village with no significant job at hand to do. Angamma (Vedhika) a girl from the same village falls for him and as expected things other than marriage happens on the expected lines. When they make their love public, Angamma’s mother shoos him away on the pretext that he doesn’t have any work and cannot be fit to have her daughter’s hand in marriage.

As fate would have it, Rasa in search of a job to the next village comes across a kangani who promises job not only for him but for the entire village. Rasa and few more people follow the Kangani to work in Ooty’s tea estate. In the estate he meets Maragadham (Dhansika) who was abandoned by her husband in the tea estate when he made good his escape.

Things move on from bad to ugly for Rasa when he comes to know that things were not as promised and after a failed attempt to escape Maragadham turns out to be the caretaker of Rasa. The rest of the film deals about the cruelty that the tea estate workers were meted out and how the greedy Englishmen exploited the ladies in the folk and so on.

The best moment of the film is the ending scene where Atharva cries his heart out which leaves the audience with a heavy heart and together an applause for Bala for handling this sensitive subject with so much authenticity. In terms of acting, Atharva has done a complete transformation compared to his previous outings and looks a very seasoned performer. Vedhika moves on from being a mere glam doll to a person who can act with substance though the scope for her acting is highly limited. Other supporting actors too have got into the grove and made things look so real on screen.

Music by G V Prakash Kumar brings in the grandeur to a rustic village subject. Chezhiyan’s cinematography looks stunning while Kishore’s click editing makes the film more meaningful. With a running time of close to 130 minutes, this film is sure to be a big ticket at the box-office. The film based on the book “Read Tea” by Paproduced and directed by Bala

The only pain point of the film is the way the Christian’s are shown converting the hapless tea plantation workers and one wonders why the Christian organizations haven’t raised hands against this film? Probably by being quiet do they agree to the fact that this was how they treated people from other religions when they were getting converted???

“Paradesi” is a realistic film that does make an impact.


Downloading Paradesi Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Downloading Paradesi movie in rapidshare and in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Paradesi Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Paradesi Movie crew : Director Bala, Paradesi actor Atharva and Paradesi actress Vedhika has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Paradesi.


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