Sun Pictures presents “Padikathavan” (2009) (Illiterate) is a full and full masala entertainer. You can have all the masala aspects bundled into this package. The batallion of villians, the glamour of Tamannah, Comedy of Vivek and the larger than life image of the hero.The only part that is missing is a credible story line. Right from the start we try to find out the story line but couldn’t find anything credible in it.
The Age old story of an ordinary boy in love with a don’s daughter is in this movie also but the only difference here is that the hero is a rich boy but an illiterate.

Rocky a.k.a Radhakrishnan (Dhanush) is introduced with an hero introduction only to be later told that he is a 10th std fail person who does some household chores in the morning at home. He is being very obedient at home due to his non-completion of his studies and his dad Ramakrishnan (Prathap Pothen) is an auditor while all his siblings are all academically well qualified.

Gayathri (Tamannah) is a student doing her aeronautical engineering at MIT Chennai. How Gayathri falls in love with Rocky and what are the roles of the villains in the lead pair’s love story is the crux of the story line in this Padikkathavan.

When it comes to the villians almost all talented actors are roped in to play the bad guys, but to be very honest none of them have been used properly.

The movie begins in Tirunelveli where “Kadhal” Dhandapani and Santhabarathi are in a discussion about seat allocation for the former. When Santhanabarathi says that the seat allocation has been done and it will go to gangster Kasi Anandhan (Atul Kulkarni), there is a cameo fight between Kasi Anandhan and Dhandapani.

In Chennai Rocky and his irresponsible gang of friends are seen spending their time doing nothing. Gayathri is then introduced and the incidents between them forms the first half of the movie. Just before the interval the viewers are in for a surprise that Gayathri brings in to the storyline.

Samara Simma Reddy (Suman) and his arch rival Rami Reddy (Shiyaji Shinde) explode on screen for a bout of action scenes. Assault Armugam (Vivek) as the dummy rowdy takes care of the comedy scenes but his part could have been well planned as he occupies most of the second half of the movie and at sometimes little boring too.

Director Suraaj who has penned this script with probably only one motive that is to provide a complete mass masala entertainer. Music by Manisharma is nothing great to mention.

Padikathavan nothing more than time pass.

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