In a country where menstruation is a huge social taboo and a sanitary pad that abets hygiene is something not to be discussed, seasoned director R Balki takes a bold step ahead in creating a full-length feature on this crucial social taboo which is based on the life of India’s real “Pad Man” Arunachalam Muruganatham from Tamil Nadu who proved to the world that Sanitary pads isn’t after all a costly affair.

A huge salute to all the producers of the film who combine to toy upon an idea of making a feature on the life of Arunchalam. Such subjects need proper positioning and the first direction towards that was bringing a saleable star like Akshay Kumar as the lead (Though it has been reported that Akshay wasn’t the first choice inspite of Twinkle being one of the producers).

R Balki has handled sensitive subjects earlier with finesse and hence he has shown the same finesse in handling this subject. The transition from the introduction scenes to the main subject is swift and after that every cog in the wheel does its work to perfection.

There aren’t any scenes that are over dramatized, Akshay has lived in the character if one could say. Radhika Apte as an understanding wife is well portrayed and so on. Dialogues add more strength to the proceedings especially the ones that are thought provoking.

Inspite of this film belonging to the biographical comedy drama genre, there isn’t a single moment in the film where it treads too much into biography mode instead its entertainment all the way. No major villain and hence the film is wrapped with events that would in turn be the link to the next scene and so on. Inspite of its sensitive subject, this film makes for a safe viewing to the kids. And as responsible parents there is no harm to clear any doubts if the child may have on the main subject.

Introduction of Sonam Kapoor in the second half provides few interesting moments and those moments does make the viewer think if there is going to be a masala twist to the tale which R Balki deftly avoids. Sonam Kapoor as an actor shines well in the limited screen time presented to her and it’s a pity that she wasn’t able to make proper use of the opportunities that came her way in her previous outings.

The makers of this film have a huge task in hand by their own statistics that only 18% of women use sanitary pads because they are not affordable and other social taboos attached to it. It is now their task to take this film to the rural pockets and tell them the importance of sanitary pads and make sure that the reach for Arunchalam’s product is far-fetched inspite of the pressures the MNCs would mount.

With a running time of 140 minutes the film doesn’t lag a bit and it carries an impactful message on its shoulders with ease. Pad Man is poised to make good business at the box-office and changing the lives of many ignorant Indian women in rural India.

“Pad Man” a must watch film that carries an important message for everyone.


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