Actor Dhanush in his new avatar as director has proved his mettle in the debut film with an in-depth handling of a sensitive subject. He has woven the screenplay beautifully which compliments the storyline to perfection. This film sans any masala element is a feel-good entertainer for niche audience who would appreciate family values and companionship at an old age.

Rajkiran who plays the title role has cherished the opportunity given to him and has acted to perfection. Prasanna and Chaya Singh who play the son and daughter in law of Rajkiran is an apt example of perfect casting. Both the actors have put in a mature performance that fits the bill.

The story is about how Power Paandi (Rajkiran) a former stunt master in films leads his post retirement life. When a misunderstanding in the house arises, Paandi sets out to live life on his own terms. What happens from thereon and the unexpected twists in his life is about in this “Power Paandi” (re-christened as “Pa Paandi” inorder to apply for tax exemption from Tamil Nadu government).

Dhanush plays the younger Paandi while Madonna Sebastian plays his love interest in the flashback portions. Dhanush has written a role for himself that would suit his actor’s image while Madonna Sebastian has excelled in the village belle role provided to her. Revathy in an important character has proved once again why she is considered as a seasoned actress.

The other notable performance is from Music director Sean Roldan who has woven magic into the film with his music. There are many places where the music infuses more life into the situation which is a rarity these days.

With a running time of just over 2 hours, the first half of the film breezes through with a portrayal of a usual family drama that doesn’t bore the audience. However, in the second half the film loses its track a bit and there are few moments which are important to the storyline but doesn’t fit the overall scheme of things. The second half could have been handled with a bit more finesse but nevertheless it isn’t a bad film.

Dhanush as director has made a good start to his direction career and one can expect a more refined product in his forthcoming films.

“Pa Paandi” is a feel-good film that stands out from the usual masala offerings.

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