Silambarasan’s latest release “Osthi” (Spelled as “Osthe”) is a frame by frame official re-make of the Hindi blockbuster “Dabangg” which had Salman Khan in the lead. The only difference though is that the Tamil version fails to re-create the same pulse or the feel that the original had. In fact, the most annoying fact is that Silambarasan a.k.a STR who hogs majority of the screen time in the film has given a mediocre performance to say the least.

For those who have seen “Dabangg”, this movie might be a disappointment. But, for those who haven’t seen the Hindi blockbuster this movie is a disaster. Right from the word go, the pace is a huge let down and as a viewer when one gets eager to see the twist in the tale, there aren’t much that is coming in the way which makes this “Osthi” a dull affair.

In terms of storyline, its the usual hero winning over the evil tricks of the villain. To cater to the family audience there is the usual family sentiment that doesn’t even create an impact on the audience. The eagerly awaited item number in the film “Kalasala” turns out to be a huge dampener in the film. On the whole an actor who has a mass appeal and a director who has given many blockbusters to his credit join together and create a mess of a re-make which with some more thought and adjustments in the screenplay catering to the regional taste would have made the final product a better bet.

Richa Gangopadhyay who plays the female lead is fortunate that this “Osthi” is not her launch pad in Kollywood and it was good that “Mayakkam Enna” happened before in which she was able to display her acting skills with good effect. In this film, she is used as a lesser quotient of an item girl showing her curves for most part of the film right from her introductory scene.

Sonu Sood who had reappraised the role which he played in the original has done a wonderful job in terms of acting and bringing the feel required with his character. On the contrary its Sonu Sood who has done a better job in terms of acting compared to the performance of STR.

For comedy, there is Santhanam, Mayilsamy, Thambi Ramaiah and few more while in the supporting actors list there is “Jithan” Ramesh (who plays the brother character), Nasser (Father), Revathy (Mother), Nizhalgal Ravi, Saranya Mohan, VTV Ganesh and many more.

The peppy music by Thaman doesn’t create an impact that it was initially meant to have on the film. The songs which were quite a craze before the release of the film, deceives to deliver on the big screen. Mallika Sherawat in the item number “Kalasala” looks old, jaded and doesn’t have the fizz she had a few years ago.

The film which has a running time of 150 minutes coupled with its lackluster pace is sure to tank at the box-office. Director Dharani has miscalculated the pulse of the audience this time around with a screenplay that is so dull and dragging throughout the film.

“Osthi” is a drab that is not worth the time and money.


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