After the stupendous success of “Siva Manasula Sakthi” and “Boss Engira Baskaran”, director Rajesh rides on another similar storyline in “Oru Kal Oru Kannadi” (One Stone, One Mirror). This time around he has his producer Udayanithi Stalin playing the lead role along with Hansika Motwani. Like his previous films, Santhanam looped in for the comedy track does a decent job. In terms of storyline, its nothing new nor refreshing as it is the same age old story of a middle class boy loafing around until he finds his love and after so many confusions between them they get united in the end.

Saravanan (Udayanithi Stalin) works as a ticket usher at Sathyam Cinemas along with his best pal Partha (Santhanam). It is to be assumed that his work is so flexible, that he hardly is seen at his workplace and all the time he is behind Meera (Hansika Motwani), an air hostess trainee. Saravanan’s main aim is to to convince her to fall in love with him. Partha on the other hand is no better and he too has his romance track to handle.

The screenplay is nothing noteworthy instead it is as bad as it can get. Udayanithi Stalin’s failure to act, emote, deliver dialogues in the proper tone and importantly dance does push the film to the doldrums. Hansika Motwani with her figure hugging dress and her superior complexion seems to have acted without any interest.

The only saving grace or the aspect that makes the viewers sit through the film is Santhanam’s comedy. In many of the pre-release interviews, Udayanithi Stalin had mentioned that Santhanam is the hero of the film which in the overall scheme of things is true. His timely delivery of one-liners and punch dialogues makes the viewers maintain some interest in the film.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is again a third class product as none of the songs linger in the mind after the film gets over, his background score has tunes copied from Minsara Kanavu and other films. Editing by Vivek Harshan should have been more crisp. Balasubramaniem’s camera work is another highlight of the film.

The supporting cast which includes Shiyaji Shinde, Azhagamperumal, Saranya Ponnvannan and Uma Padmanabhan have done what best they could have done. Especially Saranya has turned a new leaf in this film with her acting. Arya, Sneha and Andrea play guest roles.

The film has a running time of 165 minutes and the film is sure to wither off pretty fast at the box-office. In fact, the film had seen the light of the day is only due to the power of its producer and his banner. If the same film was made with any other new comer, it would have not got released in theatres. Director Rajesh who entertained the audience in his previous two films has brought the roof crashing down on this film. The film will be made to run at the theatres rather than on its own merit.

“Oru Kal Oru Kannadi” shortly called “Ok Ok” is as bad as it can get.


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