Gemini Film Circuit’s “Ninaithale Inikkum” which is an emotional story of friendship, love, affection and revenge is a re-make of the 2006 Malayalam movie Classmates. The malayalam version which was a run away hit in the theatres has been adapted with minor changes to suit the Tamil audience. The movie which has been very faithful to its original version has its moments of brilliance but only in patches.

The movie actually is centered upon the importance of friendship and relationship amongst friends in college. Though we have seen the same story getting repeated again and again in most of the films that have hit the screens earlier this one stands out for the minor twist in the plot that the writer James Albert has in the story.

Prithviraj, Sakthi, Karthik Kumar and Priyamani are all classmates in college. Prithviraj and Karthik Kumar always lock horns with each other over issues which creates an enmity amongst them. Sakthi the common friend of both intervenes between them to make sure things don’t go overboard.

Priyamani as the rich MLA’s daughter who is keen on finishing her studies is in the story to fill in a character and that too a very weak character in the total scheme of things. In fact the National Award winner for her stellar role in “Paruthiveeran” has actually given a mediocre performance.

The undisputed star of the movie is Prithviraj for whom this movie would have been a cake walk as he was also in the original version. Karthik Kumar emotes expressions to perfection in most of the scenes but in few scenes one feels that he could have been better. K. Bhagayaraj as Shakthi’s father has not exerted much for this role.

Music director Vijay Antony has tried to do something different in this film only to tumble over his old tracks. Except for one song all other songs are a major let down.

Balasubramaniyem the cinematographer has been splendid in his department. Director Kumaravel who is also the script writer for this movie has done a splendid job and special appreciation has to be given for the interval block.

Ninaithale Inikkum is watchable for the theme and for Prithviraj.


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