Film Tiger Productions “Night Train” is not a pleasant viewing unless if you like the horror of the abnormal proportions type movies. What else can be said of a movie where you can see a human being being chopped off into different pieces and put into a box.

The movie begins with a train chugging through the snow filled landscape for a journey to its destination. In a station where the train stops a stranger (Luca Bercovici) gets into the train with a small parcel in his hand.
In the train he meets his co-passengers Chloe (Leelee Sobieski) a medical student and Pete (Steve Zahn) a marketing executive. Considering the freezing snow outside Pete decides to have a drink and pops one to the stranger and he accepts it with thanks.

Minutes later when the conductor of the train Miles (Danny Glover) comes to collect the ticket fare from the stranger they find him dead in his seat probably by a stroke due to the freezing weather.

Chloe, Pete and Miles are in for a shock when they come to know of the strangers death. In the meantime Pete picks up the parcel which the stranger had and when he looks inside he is amazed to see the precious ruby stones in it.

Chloe who also gets a look in feels totally awed by the presence of the precious gems in it. When Miles goes to inform about the dead stranger to the next station, Pete stops him and asks him to have a look into it.

When Miles looks into it he and the other two hatch a plan to share the precious gems amongst them which will make their lives more happy. But the biggest challenge in front of the trio is a way to dump the dead man’s body out of the train without the knowledge of the other passengers.

How they dump the body and whether they get to share the booty is the remaining part of this “Night Train”.

The movie which has been shot entirely indoors (except the last shot) has got very average computer graphics. The screenplay is pretty ordinary and sometime trifle boring too. There is too much of violence in this movie with all the chopping and shooting scenes.

On the whole not a very good viewing.

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