The second edition of Night at the Museum is more spectacular and meaningful than the first edition. The actors have given more matured performances, the plot is well thought of and the visuals look amazing on screen and special mention has to be given to Ben Stiller as Larry Dalley and Amy Adams as Amelia Earheart for giving their best performances till date.

The movie begins with Larry Dalley now more experienced than he was 2 years ago when he took up the duty of night guard at the National Museum is the CEO of his own company and currently on a high as Walmart has been interested in his inventions.

Larry still does not forget about his past and his monthly visits to the museum suggests that he has not completely glued to his transformation as CEO. In one such visit, he comes to know that all his friends at the museum are being transported to the Smithsonian Museum Archives in Washington DC.

Larry then decides to bring them back to their original place lands at the Smithsonian and gains access to archives and what follows is a fun-filled action packed sequence between the historic characters and Larry Dalley.

The movie definitely is targeted for the kids and not for the adults. The kids are bound to enjoy without any doubt but for the grown-ups this movie might not be of great interest. The infusion of new characters like Abraham Lincoln, Kamunrah and many more brings in more spice to the proceedings.

Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian is a must watch if you liked the first edition of the movie.

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