Actor Vikram Prabhu after a recent spate of failures at the box-office was banking on this “Neruppu Da” to re-kindle the fire of success in his career. Directed by debutant Ashok Kumar and produced partly by the actor himself, this film was supposed to be a riveting tale of an aspiring fireman in his march towards his dream job.

Debutant director seem to have been caught in a warp when it comes to the customary elements that a masala entertainer should have like an introduction song for the hero, couple of duets from the lead pair and a climax showdown to bring things to a close. It is here where director has let the noose loose and which eventually reflects in the final product.

The film neither entertains nor imparts any “message” to the masses. It’s a half-baked masala product which doesn’t kindle the interest of the viewer anywhere through its running time of 128 minutes. Vikram Prabhu has put his heart and soul into this film but the run-of-the-mill story-line doesn’t provide the scope for some experimental acting.

Nikki Galrani as the female lead does what a heroine is supposed to do which is to romance the hero with an exception that she doesn’t dazzle in skimpy outfits in song sequences. “Mottai” Rajendran roped in for comedy tries his level best to increase the fun element in the proceedings but his performance doesn’t bear the required results.

Aadukalam Naren roped in as an Antagonist carries the persona required for the role to perfection. Other actors too have pitched in with their part but a lackluster screenplay doesn’t help anyone to display their true acting potential. Sangeetha who makes an interesting special appearance has experimented too much in the short screen time which has squarely backfired on her performance.

The lead up to the climax is a bit interesting with an interesting twist to happen but when the climax does happen, the selection of the scenes reflect the inexperience on the part of the director. Box-office is sure to give a cold shoulder to this “Neruppu Da”.

Overall a film that fails to entertain.

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