Neram-MovieKollywood seems to witness a new breed of film makers who dare to experiment with new subjects and style of film making. If “Soodhu Kavvum” made heads turn, “Neram” directed by deubutant Alphonse Putharan garnered more expectations in spite of its lead actors also making their debut. Red Giant Movies venturing into this project by grabbing its distribution rights seems to have got the film the right address it required in Kollywood.

The story is uncomplicated which in the current trend is a good sign. The entire film revolves around the life of Vetri (Nivin)who loses his job because someone in the states farts! To make matters worse he borrows money for his sister’s wedding from Vatti Raja (Simhaa) who happens to be the bad guy.

In the midst of this there is his sweetheart from school days Veni (Nazriya) who happens to be the moral support for Vetri. Veni’s father (Thambi Ramaiyaa) plays the tried and tested version of the girl’s father and how he will react when the guy with whom his daughter is in love doesn’t have a job.

The film is all about how does Vetri face these and many more challenges and who and how cause those challenges. Alphonse Putharan who has written and directed the film is also in-charge of its editing.  The film which has a running time of 105 minutes does provide good entertainment throughout thanks to its uniform pace being maintained.

However, the film mostly qualifies to be one which satisfies the taste of multiplex audience and hence its success at the box-office seems to be a doubtful proposition.

Nasser and Charlie play guest roles and its Nasser who lifts the tempo of the film a bit in the couple of scenes allotted to him. Screenplay could have been crisper and so is the case with editing. In spite of its short running time, the film gives a feeler that it is a bit lengthy compared to its actual duration. In terms of acting, both the lead actors have churned out decent performances while Simhaa and Thambi Ramaiyaa have roles that offer nothing great to give a test for their talent.

“Neram” watchable timepass.

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