Mysskin after directing stunners like “Chithiram Pesuthadi” and “Anjathey” has handled a subject which is different and at the same time meaningful for the movie watching audience. Though the base story has been inspired from the Japanese film “Kikujiro”, there are lot of elements that have been added to suit the taste of the local audience. “Nandalala” belongs to the road genre movies and in it there is comedy, sentiment and most importantly the flow of the storyline is in proper order.

The movie begins with Akilesh (Aswath Ram) who lives with his grandmother and taken care by a maid who cares a damn about what he eats or does. The maid’s only aim is to get her supply of money from Akilesh. Akilesh’s mother lives in a place called Aanaivayal away from him earning her living.

On the other hand there is Masilamani Bhaskar (Mysskin) who is a mentally challenged person shut in an asylum. Bhaskar’s anger is all over his mother who left him at the asylum when he was very young. One fine day Bhaskar gives the slip to the asylum people and decides to go searching for his mother.

Akilesh on the pretext of going on a school tour gives the slip and he too decides to go in search of his mother. Akilesh and Bhaskar then meet and from then on journey together in search of their respective mom’s. At the fag end of their journey they meet a sex worker (Snigidha) who also joins them to help find their mom’s.

In the journey what are the hardships they face and who are the other characters they meet is all about in this “Nandalala”. The movie is not a masala entertainer. The movie travels at a soothing pace and to add more value to it is the scintillating background score by Maestro Ilayaraja.

In terms of acting Mysskin as the mentally challenged person has done a fabulous job. Aswath Ram as the young boy has shown mature expressions while he goes in search of his mother in the town of Aanaivayal. Snigidha doesn’t have a major role to play nor her acting warrants special mention.

The screenplay which is the strength of the film is indeed commendable and there is hardly a scene in the movie which seems unnecessary to the story. As a viewer if you are looking at a movie that provides substance, this is no doubt your cup of tea.

The movie has a running time of 130 minutes (first half is 85 minutes and the second half is 45 minutes). It is really sad to note that this movie was completed long time ago and it took more than a year to hit the theatres. The movie is sure to have a good impact at the box-office.

“Nandalala” is for the mature audience.

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