Naiyaandi Movie ReviewControversy seems to be the taste of Kollywood of late. First it was “Vishwaroopam” followed by “Thalaiva” and now it is “Naiyaandi”. The only saving grace with “Naiyaandi” is that, whatsoever controversy was laid to rest just at the nick of time to ensure a simultaneous worldwide release of the film.

Nazriya the leading lady of the film had filed a police complaint that a body double was used to shoot certain intimate scenes (as per the trailer, it looks like the scene in contention doesn’t run more than a few seconds). The main point of contention is that there is a scene where Dhanush apparently runs his hands over Nazriya’s waistline which Nazriya had contested that it was not her waistline in which Dhanush runs his hand but her body double.

The entire film per se seems to be a botched up attempt in creating a masala genre film. Director Sarkunam after brilliant attempt in “Kalavani” and “Vaagai Sooda Va” seems to have completely blown away by Dhanush – Masala genre combination. The story is an age old one where the boy falls in love with a girl which will have a hindrance in the form of a villain and in the end eventually what happens to the lead pair and the villain forms the crux.

Though “Naiyaandi” seems to be a polished version of the above said storyline, its screenplay leaves a lot to be desired. Over a point of time, it really makes one wonder if this is a feature film or a soap opera on television. The scenes drag beyond imagination and the sequence of events that make love blossom between the lead pair is poorly constructed. The Villain in Vamsi Krishna seems to be present more out of design than need. He appears, disappears, comes for a couple of scenes in the middle and then straight heads to the climax fight.

The comedy sequence by Parotta Soori or by Sathyan and Sriman are elementary. In terms of acting, none of the actors including Dhanush and Nazriya have given a note- worthy performance. Music by Jibhran seems to be out of sorts and one wonders if it is this man who gave scintillating songs which were chartbusters in “Kalavani” and “Vaagai Sooda Va”. Editing by Raja Mohammed is a very mediocre attempt as the film which runs for 145 minutes could have been crisply edited to fit within 100 minutes. The films is a sure-shot disaster at the box-office.

Dhanush after a mediocre outing in “Maryan” seems to have hit a low with this “Naiyaandi” and will have to work cleverly to come out of this slump.

“Naiyaandi” turns out to be a film worth nothing.

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