“Chandramukhi” which was a re-make of the Malayalam hit film “Manichitrathazhu” had Rajni in the lead was a blockbuster. It was later re-made in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi which were again super hits. When director P Vasu decided to make a sequel to “Chandramukhi” (The offer to star in it was turned down by Rajnikanth), Venkatesh was chosen to play the lead. This sequel was made only in Telugu and is titled as “Nagavalli”.

When a sequel was planned for a movie that generated high expectations, the makers should have been clear in with what they intend to tell. “Nagavalli” which was mentioned as “Chandramukhi –  Part 2” is caught in a dilemma and in the end the movie is neither a sequel nor a prequel to the original.

Most of the scenes in the movie is just a replay of events that took place in “Chandramukhi” the only difference between instead of Rajnikanth it is Venkatesh. The story isn’t that great or one can even go to an extent saying that there is nothing new in the story.

In this movie the cause of all troubles is a painting of Chandramukhi (Anushka) that is creating some disturbances in the family. Venkatesh walks in as the psychiatrist doctor to set things right. The story then moves along with a snake coming again to the house but this time around it does scare a few inmates of the house.

When Venkatesh decides to dig deep on “Chandramukhi” front, the viewers are transported to flashback sequence where they are explained how “Chandramukhi” landed in the King’s palace. After that how things unfold is explained in the film which is not new to the viewers as they have seen it in the first part itself.

The only difference in this P Vasu directed film is that the finishing sequence is well thought-off. In terms of acting, Venkatesh has given a mature performance while Anushka turns out to be a huge let-down especially for the front benchers as her role is limited only for 15 minutes and in that time she has give no scope for any skin show.

In the technical front, cinematography work is commendable, music is mediocre and editing should have been more crisp. The movie has a running time of 150 minutes and due to the paucity of screenplay, this movie turns out to be a dud and is sure to bite dust at the box-office.

“Nagavalli” turns out to be a stingless Valli.

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