Nagaraja-Cholan-MA-MLAIn 1994 when Manivannan made “Amaithi Padai” with Sathyaraj in the lead, it made heads turn and was well appreciated across circles thereby making it a box-office success and also it had earned a name for itself being one of the greatest political films in Tamil cinema. After a good 19 years, the same director decides to make a sequel with the same actor in the lead then the expectation on the film normally is on a higher level. However, for this film the hype or the expectation seems to be lackluster and the final products justifies the same.

“Amaithi Padai” had so much interesting ingredients in it. To begin with, it was Sathyaraj’s best performance of his career. Political one-liners that were enjoyable by its viewers and not to stop there the dual role by Sathyaraj along with various twists and turns in the film made it a box-office success even though it had to race with Kamal Hassan’s “Mahanadi”.

The sequel surprisingly looks completely down the barrel. The lead actor in Sathyaraj has lost his sting in spite of this film being his 200th appearance. Director Manivannan who also dons the same role as in the prequel looks so tired in almost all the scenes. The dialogues doesn’t have the punch or sting a political film needs to have.

When it comes to the storyline, one can say that there isn’t any. That’s how the story is without a significant plot and to make matters even worse, the sequence of events unfolding in the film is predictable even by a novice. There is also Seeman in an important role but again nothing significant in the role that he plays.

With the Manivannan-Sathyaraj combo failing to ignite, this 140 minutes film seems to be a big time loser at the box-office. The few leading ladies in the film fail to impress. The item number in the film tilts more towards the vulgar category than the glamour side. Music by James Vasanthan is poor by any standards. With so many pitfalls, Manivannan’s 50th film as director is nothing but disaster.

“Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA” is a film one wouldn’t want to watch.

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