It takes great creativity to adapt a real life story to reel life but at the same time it is a tight rope walk for the reason that the real life incidents needs to be spiced up to accommodate the so called entertainment aspects especially in Indian Cinema. The case would have been altogether different if it was a Hollywood film as the masala ingredients needn’t be present in all films and yet it will pull in audience based on the strength of its screenplay.

“Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom” is a real life story of its cinematographer Premkumar who on the day before his marriage suffers a fall while playing cricket and suffers a short term memory loss to the extent that he doesn’t remember that his marriage is scheduled to happen the next day. His friends who were with him when playing cricket decides to cover-up the entire episode as the doctor they consult tells them that Premkumar will be back to normalcy soon.

The sequence of events from the playground to the hospital to the marriage function is narrated in this film. Vijay Sethupathi after an impressive performance in “Pizza” has come up with another performance worthy of mention. His friends Rajkumar, Vigneswaran and Bagavathi Perumal have nothing extraordinary in their roles but considering the fact that Bhagavathi was the person who happened to be one of the people who were with Premkumar in real life, they all have done a decent job.

Dhanalakshmi (Gayathri) plays Premkumar’s lover to whom he is to get married and her scope for acting is limited considering the limited scope for her role. In totality, all actors have done a decent job and they keep the audience in splits in the comedy scenes.

The film somehow misses the sympathy factor towards Premkumar which happens to be the main drawback. Director Balaji Tharaneetharan fails to create the impact that should have been in a film like this. However, imagining how it would have been for Premkumar and his friends when it had really happened brings in the sympathy required for the character.

The comedy tracks are well etched while the overall scope of the film gets a beating due to too many unwanted scenes in the film. With a running time of 150 minutes, this film looks a tad lengthy and hence the pace of the film overall looks very slow. To make matters worse, the second half of the film is lengthier in terms of running time which gives a kind of dragging end to the film.

The film belongs to the “watchable once” category for its subject and its comedy scenes and its box-office prospects seem to look uncertain at this moment.

“Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom” fails the litmus test by a whisker.


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