Gautham Vasudev Menon’s earlier films had a strong flavor of romance coupled with peppy songs which is totally missing but his latest release “Nadunisi Naaygal” belongs altogether a different genre which has not been tried by the director before. The movie is all about the life of a Psychopath and what pushes him to such a cruel extent. “Nadunisi Naaygal” looks like an ode to the Bharatirajaa’s “Sigapu Rojakkal” which had Kamal Hassan in the lead.

“Nadunisi Naaygal” which is based on a true story is supposed to be a spine-chiller but unfortunately the film looses its focus and ends up being a mediocre film. There are lot of experiments done by the director with this film but for the normal movie going audience, it goes unnoticed. The style of narration is subtly different which unfortunately has been tried on a subject that lacks sting. The major spoiler being the screenplay which keeps on dragging in spite of the movie having a running time of only 120 minutes.

Samar a.k.a Veera (Veera) has a troubled childhood with his father and then comes the next house neighbor Meenakshi (Swapna Abraham) who takes care of him after his father commits suicide. Few Years later the inner instincts of the boy overtakes him and that starts the journey within him to being a psychopath.

Veera meets Sukanya (Sameera Reddy) who was his classmate at school and in their first meeting itself he shows his true colors and the following sequences predominantly occupies the second half of the film. The director has missed his mark in this film by way of a confused screenplay which irritates the audience. There are loop holes too many that mars this attempt of presenting a psychological thriller. In short the pace of the movie is so lackluster which doesn’t augur well for a movie belonging to this genre.

In terms of acting, the lead pair has not done anything commendable, though most of the movie is built around them. There is minimal music which again is nothing worth noting about. Samantha makes a guest appearance in the end.

The movie targeted for a niche audience who basically throng to the multiplex to catch the brilliance of Gautham will be disappointed. The movie’s release coincides with the Cricket World Cup will find it difficult to sustain at the box-office past the opening weekend. In fact, it can be clearly said that “Nadunisi Naaygal” is sure to be a disaster at the box-office.

“Nadunisi Naaygal” is not worth the money and time.

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