Capital Film Works looks like being on an experimental spree in Tamil cinema beginning from Chennai – 600 028 till their latest offering “Naanayam” where they have tried to showcase something new to the audience who have been treated to the same masala fare time and again. The recent movies in Tamil cinema belongs to the genre of romance, comedy or thriller and in this league Naanayam begs to differ and it is placed in the crime thriller category which did not have many films to boast off in the past. Debutant director Sakthi K Rajan and producer S P Charan has joined together to present what they thought was a refreshing change from the usual flicks.

The movie on the outset looks like a carbon copy of “The Bank Job” which has a similar storyline but for the subtle changes made to suit the target audience and the makers have also successfully experimented with Sibiraj in a negative role in which he has come out with flying colors though one cannot forget shades of his father Sathyaraj in certain scenes.

“Naanayam” begins with Ravi (Prasanna) a bank employee waiting anxiously to know the fate of his idea of building the world’s safest bank. Vishwanathan (S P Balasubramanyam) the CEO of the bank walks out of the conference room to give the good news to Ravi. 6 months down the line the bank is set and running and Ravi is a satisfied employee but at the same time works hard to attain his goal of being his own boss.

Nandhini (Ramya) walks in and gets introduced to Ravi in a golf course and quite strangely without no proper justification they both fall in love with each other in their second meeting itself. One fine day Fareed (Sibiraj) sits inside Ravi’s house and blackmails him over few photographs to help him rob the bank which he had designed. Ravi then gets entangled in a web as Fareed kidnaps Nandhini which makes matters worse. Ravi and Fareed then get involved as a team and whether they rob the bank successfully or not is the reminder of the movie.

Prasanna is his usual self being calm and casual in his acting which goes well with the character. Sibiraj needs to improve much more to attain great heights in acting as a villain. Ramya as the leading lady looks ok but acts bad and in the song sequences she has to improve a great deal. S P Balasubramanyam does absolutely nothing in terms of acting and his role comes across more as a special appearance.

Music director James Vasanthan scores heavily in the melodious number “Naan Pogiren” but in rest of the songs he falls flat. Director Sakthi K Rajan has taken a bold attempt in this movie but the major lapse is that all critical twists in the tale are very much predictable which could have been avoided.

“Naanayam” fails to thrill.


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