“Naan Kadavul” (I am God) one of the most anticipated movies of recent times in tamil cinema has lot of credits up its sleeve. “Naan Kadavul” was in the making for three years, the movie has changed hands to three producers and the hero of the movie Arya’s (spelt as Aarya in the movie) next major release “Sarvam” is likely to hit the theatres in three weeks time.

The movie no doubt is a trademark Bala film. The artists have taken this opportunity to showcase their real acting talent in such a way that they have gone deep into the characters assigned to them.

Director Bala has the tag of a film maker who makes realistic and bold tamil films has once again come up with a daring effort with “Naan Kadavul”. He has made the physically handicapped and mentally retarded individuals perform at the highest level.

The movie begins in Varanasi where a father comes in search of his son whom he had left in Varanasi 14 years ago. The father had left his son at Varnasi to enable him learn the holy Vedas and mantras. But when the father comes in search of him he is in for a big shock knowing what his son has become.

Rudhra (Aarya) follows the principle of “Aham Brhamhasmi” (Everyone is God by himself) and with the blessings of his guru leads a content life in Varanasi. When the father requests the guru to send his son back home the guru showers his blessings and sends him with his father.

In the meantime the nexus of how beggars are being controlled by different groups is shown which understandably gains the pity of the viewers as the beggars in the movie are real life beggars and physically challenged people.

Amsavalli (Pooja) is introduced as a blind girl begging in the train for her living. She belongs to a group and she too leads a content life. Tragedy strikes when she is pushed to another group by a policeman and what happens to her later forms the rest of the movie.

The movie makes you feel for the characters and the hardships they face on a daily basis. Arya to be very honest comes only for around 30 minutes in the movie and the same can be said of Pooja also. Major part of the movie revolves around the life of beggars.

Ilayaraja has once again come up with a commendable background score but the same cannot be said of the songs in the movie.

“Naan Kadavul” is no doubt a different movie but the purpose does not justify the hardships faced by the artists and the time and effort consumed in the making of this movie.


Downloading Naan Kadavul Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Naan Kadavul movie in rapidshare, Naan Kadavul movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Naan Kadavul Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Naan Kadavul Movie crew : Director Bala, Naan Kadavul actor Arya and the Naan Kadavul Heroine actress Pooja has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called NAAN KADAVUL.


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