Director S S Rajamouli took the tinsel world by storm with his “Magadheera” few years back and with the same zeal he delivers another entertainer in “Naan Ee” (I am the fly). The concept for this film might sound very amateurish and funny for an outsider but the director knew exactly what he wanted in terms of the final product. The movie though was under production for a long time due to the extensive graphics it involved, on the whole this “fly” give good value for the money.

The film begins with a father trying to put his son to sleep by telling some bed time story, when the son insists on something new there the father comes up with a story which translates into the sequences of the film. As told earlier, the plot may sound ridiculous but the packaging of the film is what wins hearts over. There is enough masala but it is all in the right ingredients.

Nani is a feel-good Romeo routing for his love interest in Bindhu (Samantha) bang comes the villain in what would have been a fairy tale love story. Sudeep a natural womanizer lets his eyes on Bindhu. When his advances goes unnoticed by Bindhu, Sudeep finds out the real reason behind her actions and kills Nani.

The fun-ride begins here when Nani reincarnates as the house-fly and takes revenge on Sudeep. At one stage it gets the attention of Bindhu and they in tandem plot the downfall of the bad guy. The film which has a running time of 132 minutes entertains from start to finish.

S S Rajamouli has got good support from his main lieutenants in Cinematographer K K Senthil Kumar and Music Director Maragadhamani as they both have taken this film to the next level in terms of sheer brilliance in their field. The script which is pacy along with the conviction of the director makes this “Naan Ee” a winner.

In terms of acting, Nani though comes for a few scenes carries the charm with him. Samantha has put in a matured performance that is required for the role and the super performer undoubtedly is Sudeep who has painstakingly acted his heart out as he had to imagine a presence of a fly which was non-existent during shooting. In English there is a saying “Seeing is Believing” which holds good for this film as one has to see it to believe how entertaining it is.

“Naan Ee” is a different entertainer for the masses.


Downloading Naan Ee Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Downloading Naan Ee movie in rapidshare and in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Naan Ee Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Naan Ee Movie crew : Director S S Rajamouli, Naan Ee actor Sudeep and Naan Ee actress Samantha has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Naan Ee.


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