After “Subramaniapuram” the same team in Sasikumar and Samuthirakani have joined hands once again to give the audience a rustic village subject. The director had thought that handling a village subject will automatically appeal to the audience. But, in reality he had forgotten that whatever the subject may be it has to have a strong and crisp screenplay which is defenitely missing in this “Naadodigal”. The movie begins on a casual note and later turns into a serious one but only after lots of dragging moments which could have been avoided.

Karuna (Sasikumar), Chandran (Vijay Vasanth) and Pandian (Bharani) are group of friends who go about their life in a very jovial mood with dreams of their sweethearts and their future plans in life. The initial scenes does make the audience burst into laughter. The story and the twist in the tale comes in the form of their friend Saravanan who comes from Namakkal.

Few scenes later we get to know that he has problems with his love life and he has come for help from his friends. The three friends along with Saravanan embark on a journey to unite the lovers and during the course of their mission they face lot of challenges and losses which happens to be both physical as well as psychological.

The friends then take solace in the fact that their efforts have borne fruit successfully and they do not take their losses too seriously. When all goes fine there comes a jolt in the story which makes them upset and they decide to take revenge.

Ganja Karuppu as their friend in namakkal provides the comic relief and at places his dialogue timing is excellent. Sasikumar has not done anything serious or different and the same can be said of the other two. The dialogue delivery by the actors is very loud and at places irritating too.

Music by Sundar C Babu is very ordinary and the major drawback in the movie is its director who fails badly in all his departments.

“Naadodigal” deviates from its track and ends up in shambles.


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