At the outset the movie looks like any other village based love subject with not so good looking actors in the lead. The movie did come in for lot of praise from Kamal Hassan, Director Bala and Udayanithi Stalin. “Mynaa” is definitely different from the run of the mill films. Director Prabhu Solomon who earlier made films like “King” and “Lee” has dealt with a subject which does leave an impact on the audience.

The movie begins with Suruli (Vidharth) a trademark scruffy youngster who dreams about his sweetheart Mynaa (Amala). Flashback would have it Suruli and Mynaa grew up together in a small tiny village called Sevankudi situated in the Theni hills. Suruli is shown as a character who does things on his own will. He bunks school, starts working at a young age and even goes against his father.

One day he meets Mynaa being thrown out of her house along with her mother and he brings them to his village and helps them find a living. Suruli and Mynaa grow up in life and they both fall in love deeply. Things seem to be going smooth till now until Mynaa’s mother comes to know of their love affair and shows her objection to the affair. In a fit of rage Suruli does something which changes his life as he finds himself jailed for his actions.

The day before diwali Suruli makes good his escape from jail and that’s when the twist in the tale begins. Jail officers Bhaskar (Sethu) and Head constable Rammaiya (Thambi Ramaiya) set on a trail to catch the accused which leads to more interesting sequences unfolding on screen.

In the end whether Suruli is captured or not and what happens to the love affair of Suruli and Mynaa is all about in the movie. The main strength of the movie is the story and its screenplay. The pace of the movie is steady expect for moments in the second half where things tend to lag a bit.

Vidharth, Amala , Sethu and Thambi Ramaiya have all done a commendable job with their acting. The other supporting actors have also executed their roles with depth and perfection. Cinematography is of top class as the picturesque locales of Theni and Munnar are treat to the eyes. Music by Imman syncs perfectly with the mood of the movie.

Undoubtedly the hero of the film is its director Prabhu Solomon and especially the way the climax has been visualized and executed is of top class. The movie though has glimpses of “Katradhu Tamil”, the climax sets it apart from the rest and is sure to be talked about in the days to come. The movie has a running time of 145 minutes and is set to reap high returns at the box-office.

“Mynaa” is an emotional love story with unexpected twists.

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Downloading Mynaa movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, downloading Mynaa movie in rapidshare, Mynaa movie in upload is a crime. Mynaa Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Mynaa Movie crew : Director Prabhu Solomon, Mynaa actor Vidharth and the Mynaa heroine actress Amala has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called MYNAA.


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