My Name is Khan (MNIK) movie which got itself into a tangle post the review of Shah Rukh Khan’s views on Pakistani players participation in the IPL is one that cannot be missed for the entertainment quotient it provides throughout and the greatest strength being its simple story backed by an extraordinary screenplay which makes the viewers feel sympathetic towards the main protagonists in the film. The movie does not deal with terrorism nor Asperger’s Syndrome but a tale which is emotionally captivating and the flow is such that you will fall in love with the characters and their ordeal they face that unfolds on screen.

The storyline is so simple where Rizvan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) who is apparently an Autistic individual travels across the United States to meet the President to say “My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist”. The story might sound silly but that’s were Shibani Bathija (Story and Screenplay) scores heavily. Mandira (Kajol) as the wife of Rizvan plays second fiddle to Khan and her love and affection towards her family brings in the twist the story needs to move forward by a great extent. The happenings start to gain momentum post the 9/11 attacks and what follows is a touching tale of how Muslims in the United States were treated by their friends and other citizens not to mention that even the kids weren’t spared from the gruesome humiliation.

As Rizvan travels from state to state trying to catch up with the President the viewers also get to simultaneously catch up with the sequences that took place in his life which led him to undertake the journey. And in the midst of all these the present hardships that he faces and the trouble he gets into are well portrayed on screen. Whether Rizvan gets to meet the President or not ends up being the climax of the movie.

Shah Rukh Khan is undoubtedly the show stealer with his natural acting in the character of an autistic person. Kajol’s character loses momentum towards the end but for most part of the movie her characterization is structured in such a way it compliments SRK’s character perfectly. Tanay Chheda as the young Rizvan is too good to believe. Though the movie tends to lag towards the end the climax changes the tempo and brings in the briskness needed for a perfect entertainer.

Director Karan Johar has once again proved why he is rated so high in Bollywood and the scenes in which Shah Rukh Khan goes about memorizing his sales pitch and the way he sells the products to his customers bring in lots of cheer amongst the audience. Shankar-Eshaan-Loy combination has woven the rhythmic musical web perfectly which adds further strength to the movie. Supporting actors like Jimmy Shergil (as Rizvan Khan’s brother), Zarina Wahab (Rizvan’s Mother) and many more have been perfect in their roles.

Special mention needs to be given to cinematographer Ravi K Chandran who has captured the breathtaking beauty of United States to perfection and to be honest the film gives a feel of watching a Hollywood flick of highest standard and its no wonder that SRK insists on him handling the camera for most of his recent releases.

“My Name is Khan” a refreshing family entertainer.


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