“Muthirai” is a movie that as a viewer you would have loved to see if the director had put more thought process into the plot and to the screenplay. Unfortunately director Srinath decided to flick a hollywood style run and chase movie and then he added to it lots of skin show by the leading ladies to make it suit the local audience which actually does not go all that well in the end product. The movie in fact has a very talented star cast which has not been utilized properly by the director and in the end all we get to see is a very average movie.

The movie begins on a brisk note with Azhagar Adhiyaman (Saravanan) the Chief Minister, Thondai Adhiyaman (Anand), Adhi Keasavan (Ponvannan) get into a tussle for supremacy of power and when all goes wrong, Azhagar Adhiyaman gets killed and at the same time Thondai Adhiyaman and Adhi Kesavan are shot with Riyaz Khan the body guard of Chief minister as witness.

Simultaneously we are introduced to the second track in the movie where Azhagu (Daniel Balaji) with his funky tattooed look and Sathya (Nithin Sathya) who get to become friends carry out few high profile heists together and later they bump into their respective love intrests. Kavya (Lakshmi Rai) who happens to be the love interest of Azhagu is a bar-dancer with some generous skin show and Aarthi (Manjari Padnis) the love interest of Sathya is a college girl.

The twist in the tale comes when Krishnan (Azhagu’s neighbour) gets shot by the Police Commissioner (Kishore) and the four main characters get themselves involved accidentally in the main plot of the movie. The four then run for their lives and even at such crucial juncture the director has made sure that the heroines get to show skin to the maximum.

Normally, such sequence of events on screen would have made the viewer to cling on to his seat expecting something different to come but in the end when the entire movie finishes one wonders why this story had to be taken in an uninteresting manner.

Daniel Balaji after the successful “Vettaiyadu Villayadu” has come up with a good performance and the same can also be said of Nithin Sathya. Lakshmi Rai has made sure that her only motive is to sizzle on screen. Manjari Padnis after “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” has done her role to perfection. Kishore as the Commissioner fits into the role to a T but the major irritant happens to be his costume which does not sync with the situation.

Rakhi Sawant has done what she knows best to do and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja’s score falls flat. Camera by Saleem is perfect especially in the “Shanti” song. Director Srinath needs to know the pulse of the audience better to serve them an absolute entertainer.

“Muthirai” watchable in parts but on the whole a great disappointment.


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