Muran is a film that has its own ups and downs. The two protagonists in the film in Prasanna and Cheran carry the film throughout with ease in their characters which has both shades of positive and negative in it. The movie a rarity in Tamil cinema belonging to the road genre has good dosage of thrill in it. Director Rajan Madhav has successfully pulled off an attempt to treat the viewers with something new but at the same time he also has been bit by the conventional fights and item number bug.

Nanda (Cheran) is a budding music director who in the transition phase of his career from ad films to feature films. His personal life though is in shambles as his marriage with Indu (Nikita) is in jeopardy as Indu displays arrogance and does not heed to Nanda’s words nor respects him.

Arjun (Prasanna) is the son of a multimillionaire Devarajan (Jayaprakash) who lives his life on his own. Arjun is a character who does what he likes without paying heed to what others think or say. Devarajan on the other hand wants Arjun to take up the family business but Arjun is least interested on it.

One day Nanda and Arjun meet on their way back from Bangalore to Chennai where the former’s car breaks down and he takes a ride on Arjun’s car and on the way back, both Nanda and Arjun exchange their stories on how life has treated them till now.

Things seem to be normal till now until Arjun tells Nanda to look at life differently and live a life that they want to rather than what is in store for them. Nanda not convinced by this conversation, bids adieu to Arjun mid way in their journey and walks off.

Tragedy strikes in Nanda’s life and he gets himself into a tangle along with Arjun. Now its upto Nanda and Arjun to sort things amicably. Does the two get to solve things or do they remain at loggerheads is in the rest of the film.

Amongst the two actors, Prasanna definitely holds the edge which his subtle variations in acting. Cheran carries his trademark style of acting in this film also. There is also supporting actors like Jayaprakash, Haripriya (in the character of Lavanya who turns out to be the love interest of Nanda) and Suma Bhattacharya (in the character of Linda who loves Arjun madly) have helped the film maintain its pace with their mature performances.

“Muran” which has a running time of close to 140 minutes has a slow first-half compared to the second half which is laced with more suspense and thrills. Director Rajan Madhav has made a bold attempt in this film which might be a dicey proposition at the box-office for a reason that the storyline is a bit unconventional and the ending quite predictable.

“Muran” is an unconflicting and well made film which will be enjoyed by a certain class of audience only.

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