Director / Producer Elred Kumar mentioned in the pre-release interviews that this film will be a trendsetter like “Gentleman”. When a director makes such tall claims even before the release then most of the time it is a foregone conclusion that the film will become a cropper once it hits the big screen and this “Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal” (MUK) is no different. It is very strange that for the viewers there is nothing sort of trendsetting in the film whereas the makers thought otherwise.

A sneak peak into the making of the film, Elred Kumar started this film only as a producer and mid-way through the making of the film he took over directing responsibilities from Ganesh Vinayak. So it was quite obvious that the producer wasn’t happy with the way the film was shaping up. In terms of the storyline, it is nothing new that the director has handled instead it looks like a copy from various Tamil films that were released in the recent past.

Screenplay is again a terrible let down and the movie confuses the viewers in the first ten minutes itself. The sequence of events then get highly predictable which makes this MUK a dull affair.

Ram (Atharva) is a software engineer based in Chennai who is in love with Charu (Amala Paul) who stays in Bengaluru. For some reason, Ram travels to Charu’s place only in the weekends and confines themselves to the comfort of home. Does Ram and Charu figure out things and what is the real reason behind their confinement is all about in the film.

Good performers like Nasser and Jayaprakash are wasted in meaningless roles. Santhanam roped in for comedy doesn’t bring in the desired effect. In fact, Jayaprakash in the role of a doctor brings in more comedy to the plate than Santhanam. Special mention has to be given to Anupama Kumar who plays the role of Atharva’s mother in the film. She brings in a rugged feel to the mother character in correct proportions.

Atharva is a much improved actor compared to his debut film “Baana Kathadi”. Amala Paul who has hit a purple patch of her career has given an ordinary performance. The music composed by G V Prakash Kumar is a huge disappointment.

The director has missed the continuity in many places like in the final scene, when Amala Paul walks in to meet Atharva the time on the clock reads 3.15 within minutes in the same scene the clock shows the time as 8.30 (wonder how within a span of few dialogues 5 hours passed by) and in the climax fight Atharva crashes against the window glass of the car but in the next frame, the glass on the car window is intact!!!!.

On the whole the movie which has a running time of 150 minutes is a disaster to be precise and is sure to bite the dust at the box-office.

“Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal” is an absolute dampener.


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