“Mugamoodi” (Mask) is touted to be the second super-hero film in Kollywood after Vikram’s “Kanthasamy”. In contrast to the super-hero films being made in Hollywood, Tamil film makers are forced to insert a super-hero character into a storyline which would require a hero with a mass hero appeal to carry it successfully. Director Mysskin who had made few brilliant films like “Anjathey” and “Yutham Sei” in the recent past seems to have been bitten too much by the masala entertainer bug. Also, his inspiration for this film is from the various super hero films of Hollywood.

The film begins with a heist being committed in a house wherein the inmates are brutally murdered before and after the theft. In the end of the theft, a man with a mask makes a fatal blow on the inmate of the house which leaves way for the titles to roll over.

Anand a.k.a Lee (Jiiva) is a guy who cannot tolerate injustice and at the same time is passionate with Kung-Fu. Like many Tamil film heroes, Anand is also jobless and as usual has the perfect girl Shakthi (Pooja Hegde) crossing his path. Anand in his overture to impress Shakthi dons the make-up of a masked man and appears before her.

In one such situation, he helps the police to nab a member of the masked robber gang. This act of him sends shivers down his grand father’s spine (Girish Karnad) and he advises Anand to stay at home especially at night.

Gaurav (Nasser) walks in as a special branch police officer assigned to crack the robbery case. The twist in the tale comes when Anand makes another attempt to impress Shakthi wherein he gets into crossroads between the robber gang and police.

Angusamy (Naraine) happens to be the main villain operating the entire gang. However, he walks around as the head of a leading Kung-Fu school. It is now a foregone conclusion that the masked man has to fight it out with the villain to save the city from the latter’s vicious activities.

The movie has a running time of 160 minutes. The first half which runs for 85 minutes moves at a brisk pace. However, the remaining 75 minutes looses track thereby making it a mediocre film. Though the story is on the beaten path, insertion of a super-hero looks impressive.

The screenplay though leaves a lot to be desired. The most glaring error being the scene in which the main villain identifies himself to the hero and the audience too early in the film and that too quite easily thereby killing the mystery of the man behind the villain’s mask. The second being the ridiculous introduction scenes of the leading lady where her bravery gets displayed turns out be quite funny. Finally, in the climax when Naraine spurts out the names of Spiderman, Superman, Batman and ends with Mugamoodi, the first time it looks impressive but the same when gets repeated turns out to be a piece for laughter.

In terms of acting, Jiiva and Naraine who had taken special training in Kung-Fu for the film have done their roles well. Pooja Hegde is utterly wasted and the film would have been better without her character. Nasser plays the role of police officer with ease and the same can be said of the seasoned Girish Karnad as the hero’s Grand Father. Yesteryear hero Selva delivers an impressive performance in the role of a Kung-Fu master.

Music by Krishnakumar known as “K” in film circles seems to be out of place except for a couple of songs. Mysskin who had earlier scripted this project with another lead actor in mind has left lot of loose ends in the story and its screenplay.

A doubtful proposition at the box-office, “Mugamoodi” should have had more suspense to keep the audience glued.


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