It is always a risky proposition in remaking a hit film from another language, and the biggest challenge lies in modifying it to suit the flavor of local taste. In the process, many would bite the dust while a talented few would come out with flying colors. Raghava Lawrence’s latest release as a lead actor titled “Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva” is a classic case of making a mockery while remaking a hit film. Pataas (2015) was a successful Telugu film and its Tamil remake rights were acquired by R B Choudhary of Super Good Films.

Director Sai Ramani who was given the mantle as director for this remake had experimented too much in the scripting stage that he had make a mockery of a successful formula in hand. In every film there would be a prediction in the viewer’s mind as to how the film would pan out and when it deviates from the expected lines, the surprise element takes the film towards success.

However, in this MSKS there is rough prediction that sets in within the first few minutes and the prediction never goes wrong even an inch. There is nothing great in the story and the modified screenplay to suit Tamil audience taste is another damp squib. Midway through the film, the urge to walk out looms very strong and that’s the mood for the reminder of the film.

“Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva” with a running time of 150 minutes is a pain to sit through. Raghava Lawrence’s fan base would be utterly disappointed with their icon’s choice of film and beyond that there is also nothing to write home about his acting.

Nikki Galrani plays the female lead and her character looks like one designed for an item girl who being promoted to a lead role walks around in every scene with a generous navel show. Front benchers these days are more seasoned and they would also not appreciate this generosity beyond few scenes and songs.

In addition to Nikki Galrani’s generosity, there is also Raai Laxmi shaking her hip in glamorous costumes for an item number which again fails to register.

Ashutosh Rana as the main villain lacks spine so does Vamsi Krishna who comes in as the second villain. Sathyaraj’s character is the only one which has some scope for performance which is used well by the seasoned actor. In the comedy front, Kovai Sarala, Motta Rajendran, Manobala and Sathish have all been wasted in insignificant roles that hardly evokes any laughter.

In the end as a viewer all that persists is utter disappointment from what was touted to be a masala entertainer. In the box-office, this film in all likely hood is going to have a wretched run.

“Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva” is an uninteresting masala film.

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