moondru-per-moondru-kaadhalDirector Vasanth known for his finesse in handling sensitive subjects has been waiting for over 3 years to get the right script to handle and he had come up with this “Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal” (Three People Three Love). Normally, a film is taken with a single story. But, when there are three stories embedded in a film then one wonders that there is no dearth of entertainment. However, “Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal” bucks that belief.

Director Vasanth in the pre-release interviews had mentioned that three stories in the film forms different layers which conglomerate in the end. Actually, at the end of the film one is more happy to leave the cinema hall than look at any layers if present in the film.

The film begins in the year 2016 for a few dialogues and then rolls back to 2012. Varun (Vimal who for numerological reasons had changed his spelling to Vemal) in a hill station falls in love with Anjana (Lasini). Varun talks through his love story and there are scenes that support the voice over. In the end, what happens to the love story? Well, it leads to another love story where neither Varun nor Anjana are anyway involved.

Gunasekaran (Cheran) a London School of Economics graduate turned social worker meets Mallika (Muktha Bhanu) a physiotherapist by profession and this story unfolds in Nagercoil by the seashore and this story emphasises on the importance of values in love. How Gunasekaran impresses Mallika and what happens in the end to their love story is for everyone to watch.

Then the story moves to the third pair in Arjun as swimming coach and his student in Divya (Surveen Chawla). What happens to their love story and what are the hindrances they face forms this module of the film. This part however touches upon the motivation that love brings in to an individual.

In the end, there has to be a point where these three stories merge together. Well, there is a twist which isn’t that surprising considering the fact that the interest in the film has already drifted beyond reach and what happens in the end looks like an ending without a purpose other than the film has to draw its curtain at some point.

Amongst the three stories, the best is the second one between Cheran and Muktha Banu as it does carry some interest; the scenes move a bit faster compared to the first one and in terms of acting it is undoubtedly this pair who has won it over their peers in the film. Muktha Banu especially plays the sensitive role to perfection with her myriad expressions.

Sathyan, Appu Kutty and Thambi Ramaiah play guest roles while Vasanth’s son Ritwik Varun makes his acting debut in a special song appearance for the number “Stop the Paatu”. Vemal’s acting is very lacklustre and lacks depth for the role he has enacted. Lasini seems to be out of place throughout.

Arjun though with his experience doesn’t have the substance in his role to display his acting skills. Surveen Banu though provides mild glamour hasn’t done anything worthy of mention. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is the major factor that helps the film to last the distance as without it, viewers would have walked out mid-way. All the songs are a treat to the ears and it is surprising to note that the tunes where mostly stock tunes of Yuvan which Vasanth chose for this film. The number “Aahaa Kaadhal” lingers in the ear even after the film gets over.

Cinematography by Bhojan Dinesh is commendable. SM Vasanth who has handled the Story, Dialogue and Direction all by himself has the Screenplay co-written with Shankar Raman and editing shared with S.N. Fazil seems to have got everything wrong from start to finish.

The film with its English spelling as “Moondru Per Moondru Kadal” has a running time of 155 minutes and is a certain failure at the box-office.

“Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal” is a boring affair from start to finish.


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