“Moon” directed by debutant Duncan Jones is a collection of imagination pertaining to the future where earth’s required energy source helium-3 is extracted from moon and sent across for humans to utilize it. This movie set in the genre of sci-fiction stands out from the crowd by virtue of sheer imagination and exemplary acting in the character of a lone man played by Sam Rockwell stationed in Moon to oversee the mining of helium-3. Director Duncan Jones has to be applauded for his spectacular effort in this “Moon”.

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is nearing the end of his 3-year contract with Lunar Industries as a laborer in moon with his only companion robot named GERTY (voice of Kevin Spacey) wherein he is eager to be back with his wife Tess (Dominique McElligot) and his little daughter Eve (Rosie Shaw).

Weeks before his departure to Earth Sam finds out that the communication device has developed a snag wherein his direct contact with earth does not seem possible but the feed from base station continues. Sam on his way to set the transmission equipment right goes out and gets a trace of hallucination and gets himself injured.

Sam then wakes up in the infirmary with GERTY telling him that he had a crash and he had suffered memory loss. Sam then gives GERTY the slip and ventures out only to find out that the injured Sam is still out there.

The fit Sam then brings in the injured Sam back to the work station and once the injured Sam wakes up he thinks the fit Sam is the clone wherein the reality happens to be that both are clones. Lunar Industries then decides to send a rescue team to Moon and the fit Sam sensing danger decides to play safe with the help of the injured Sam. In the end the fit Sam hops on to the rescue unit and lands back on earth to expose the fraudulent Lunar Industries.

“Moon” belongs to the two brilliant individuals who were involved in the making. Firstly, director Duncan Jones for his unconventional plot and next comes Sam Rockwell who steals the show single-handedly in the character of Sam Bell where various shades of emotions have been displayed with ease.

“Moon” an unconventional sci-fiction movie which is set to enthrall the mature audience across.

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