The fourth installment in the MI series is entertaining and at the same time enthralls the audience with a slick storyline and its screenplay which makes the film a treat to watch. Tom Cruise as Agent Ethan Hunt continues to successfully thwart attempts by bad elements who intend to create havoc on national safety.

The movie begins on a different note where Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is being rescued from a Moscow prison by Jane Carter (Paula Patton) with the help of their newly promoted field agent Benji (Simon Pegg). All three then head to Kremlin to make good an important tape that will be used by the bad guy nicknamed Cobalt.

Things go bad when Kremlin is bombed and U.S is blamed by the Russians for the attack and as a result of which IMF gets dismantled and Ghost Protocol comes into effect. IMF’s secretary tells his best man Ethan on the mission that he has to do outside the purview of IMF. IMF’s analyst Brandt (Jeremy Renner) also joins Ethan in the mission.

The team then flies to Dubai where the next clog in the mission is located at Burj Khalifa and from there the team with utmost difficulty work their way through to their ultimate target Cobolt who happens to be a Russian nuclear strategist named Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist). Ethan then does the needful to make sure that Hendrick’s idea of launching a Nuclear warhead and attacking U.S is thwarted in the nick of time.

Each MI installment has an action sequence that is more than worth the money and in this installment it is the fight sequence which takes place at Burj Khalifa which awes the audience. Also, in this film there is a good amount of comedy scenes and the notable ones are when the self destructing device doesn’t trigger itself and during the Burj Khalifa fight when Brandt transmits the countdown.

Indian actor Anil Kapoor makes a small appearance as a wealthy Businessman in the character name of Brij Nath. Director Brad Bird has added a feather to his hat by virtue of this film and the general feeling is that MI – 4 is much better and interesting than its immediate predecessor.

The movie has a running time of 120 minutes and its non-stop entertainment at a steady pace right from the word go. All the actors have given a wonderful performance which again helps the film to be on a better ground. MI-4 is sure to be a box-office winner worldwide.

“Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” is a racy entertainer that keeps you thrilled from start to finish.

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