Trailer of a film mostly flatters to deceive. But sometimes the trailer does give a true glimpse of what one can expect from the film. “Mirattal” touted to be a romantic entertainer seems to have had its fate sealed in its trailer stage itself. The trailer looks awfully out of sort thereby the movie also doesn’t garner any expectation. However, even without any expectation for a viewer the end result from the movie is nothing but disaster.

There are lots of movies that are amateurishly made some will have few good moments but most will have nothing worthy of mention. “Mirattal” finds itself slotted in the second category as there is absolutely nothing worthy to mention. A totally flawed storyline in tandem with an amateurish screenplay makes this film a total pain to watch.

The storyline is that Shankar Dada (Prabhu) is a dreaded don in the city who has an opponent in Suri (Pradeep Rawat). Shankar kills Suri’s son and in retaliation, Suri decides to kill Shankar’s sister Deepika (Sharmila). In comes Babulu (Vinay Rai) who joins Shankar as an ordinary staff member. It’s a foregone conclusion that Babulu and Deepika would fall in love and even more predictable is what happens in the end in the rivalry between Shankar and Suri.

The film has a running time of 135 minutes and the pace of the movie drags on like a snail. Director Madhesh who was once an associate director to Shankar has made an awfully bad film which would hardly cross the opening weekend at the theatres.

Music by Pravin Mani is way below the mediocre mark. Screenplay as mentioned earlier is filled with lot of loop holes and makes a mockery of the story from the Telugu hit film “Dhee”. The movie which started shooting in 2010 has taken quite a lot of time to see the light of the day.

In terms of acting, Vinay Rai is a colossal failure in the role. He doesn’t look convincing in the role he portrays nor is he fit enough for the role. Debutant Sharmila fails to perform on screen. She doesn’t know to even emote in crucial scenes. In fact, Genelia D’ Souza was first approached to do this role but since she declined the role landed in Sharmila’s kitty. Also, looks like director Madesh was in a hurry to finalize his heroine.

Prabhu is the only person in the entire cast who looks to have got into the character of the role. Mansoor Ali Khan is wasted in an inconsequential role. Santhanam included for the comedy track fails to bring in the desired effect. Pradeep Rawat again with the limited screen time given to him hasn’t come up with a good performance.

The other cast includes Ganja Karuppu, Pandiarajan, Yuvarani, Uma Padmanabhan and few more and their performance is just plain vanilla stuff.

“Mirattal” fails miserably in an attempt to bring in the title effect.


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