Meyaadha Maan MovieActor Vaibhav excels in comic roles and it is an open secret as far as the industry is concerned. For a film which has Vaibhav as the lead is expected to be a laugh-riot. Director Rathna Kumar has scripted this “Meyaadha Maan” with an only intention of making it a rollicking laugh-riot but if he had managed to achieve the desired result? The answer is a big NO.

Vaibhav with a character name of “Idhayam Murali” (Thanks to the character resemblance of late actor Murali in the film “Idhayam”) is on an one-sided love affair with the leading lady Priya Bhavani Shankar. It is this single fact that has been emphasized throughout the film until the obvious climax which changes sign and follows the predictable line to conclusion.

The major drawbacks of the film are that there are scenes that are way too long to be of watchable interest and to add to it the characterization of almost every single actor doesn’t seem convincing. The conviction in the storyline and screenplay goes missing and it is a surprise that the industry had praised the film to the hilt during the exclusive previews.

Karthik Subburaj who has distributed this film has apparently seen a sparkle in the film which unfortunately none of the viewers are able to witness. The drag the film is sans any real comedy requires a tub of popcorn to sit through. There is also a brother-sister bonding angle in the story which is not upto the mark and Vaibhav needs loads to training to pull off an emotionally challenging role.

The team should have definitely had a fun time in the making of this film but for the audience the fun goes missing from the beginning. There are few traces of real comedy in the film but that doesn’t help alter the fate of the film.

In terms of acting, none of the actors have gone the extra mile in the film and honestly the scope for going that extra mile is just not there. Songs aren’t catchy but the background score is impressive. In the box-office race, with “Mersal” taking the lion’s share of screens this “Meyaadha Maan” has been allocated limited screens and with the end product not being impressive the earnings could be a tad muted.

“Meyaadha Maan” a proposed laugh-riot which fails to head in the right direction.

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