Mersal MovieActor Vijay is known for mass entertainers and his previous collaboration with Director Atlee in “Theri” set the cash registers ringing. The same duo joined hands again for another film titled “Mersal” which was expected to be a better offering compared to “Theri”. Industry grapevine has it that the duo might join together for another film sometime in the future.

“Mersal” is a different film for Atlee compared to his previous two ventures. This film had more budget and hence the sets are lavish and the CGI portions are lot more refined. In addition to that, there are certain exotic locales where songs and few sequences have been canned and such locales are treat to the eyes.

In terms of story-line, it is nothing new or out-of-the-box. To be point blank, a simple revenge story written to satisfy Vijay’s fans. Has the film had achieved its objective or not, the answer would be a partly “yes”. The reason being that the screenplay is not racy enough and at the same time there are few lengthy scenes which just eat up more screen time.

The plot though predictable, looks very promising in paper but the execution does not belong to the top draw. With a lengthy running time of 170 minutes, the film undoubtedly fails to fit the image of a racy action thriller.

Director Atlee has borrowed many ideas from successful Tamil films of yesteryear which is quite evident in the story-line. The only icing on the cake for Vijay fans is that Vijay appears in triple roles which makes his fans go berserk. No major action scenes for Vijay and the romance angle finds a place in a hero-centric film just to make sure the formula of a masala film is taken care of.

Amongst the leading ladies, Nithya Menon has bagged a role of substance and she has made it count. It is really heartening to see a talented actress making a steady mark for her in Kollywood. Samantha and Kajal Agarwal are best described as actresses included in the story-line just to fit in few romantic numbers.

Vijay has lived in his roles and at the same time he is also subtly letting out few politically charged dialogues which would hint at lot of things for his fans. S J Suryah has recently started to choose his roles brilliantly and the same goes for this film too. He plays the antagonist role to perfection.  Vadivelu as the comedian finds his pace in few places.

A R Rahman’s music is neither here nor there category. Apart from the “Aalaporaan Tamilan” song, none of the other songs linger in memory. “Mersal” could do good business at the box-office as it would remain unchallenged in the Diwali race at least for the next two weeks.

Atlee should concentrate more on the screenplay and bring in more variety if he wants to belong to the league of directors who make it count film after film. A few more offering like these and the writing on the wall will be slow and steady for this young and talented director.

“Mersal” – a lengthy film which could have been a lot more entertaining.

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