“Mayakkam Enna” which brings together the actor-director brothers somehow did not have the pre-release hype one is usually associated with a Selvaraghavan or Dhanush film. This film happens to be an important one for the National Award winning actor and the critically acclaimed director which also debuts Richa Gangopadhyay in a very subtle role. Selvaraghavan usually known for the difference he brings to the table in terms of story telling gives a feeling of déjà vu to this “Mayakkam Enna”. There are ideas in the storyline that are copied from “Pudhupettai” and “7G Rainbow Colony” which could have been avoided.

Karthik Swaminathan (Dhanush) is an aspiring photographer whose world revolves around his friends. In one such gathering with his friends, he gets to meet Yamini (Richa Gangopadhyay). Karthik is portrayed as a rough and less sophisticated guy while Yamini has the affluent modern girl outlook. As per cinema and scientific logic, opposites attract and so happens the case with Karthik and Yamini.

Karthik on his professional front awaiting his break into the big league gets a shock of his life which he finds it very difficult to digest. Things then take its time to have Karthik back on track until the same shocking incident affects him once again but this time around a bit stronger.

Its now Yamini’s turn to bring Karthik back to normalcy and is she able to pull it off single-handedly forms the remaining part of the film. The storyline looks pretty ordinary though a creative treatment in terms of its screenplay was expected  which unfortunately is not to be the case here. Selvaraghavan fails miserably in both the story and the screenplay.

The most ridiculous thing about the film is that it sets a bad example for the masses. It shows that its ok to succumb to failures, ok to sit idle at home, no need to try anything extra ordinary and finally there is always someone to do things for the unsuccessful person to become successful.

In terms of acting, Dhanush comes out as a cropper while the debutant Richa has done a good job. In certain emotionally challenging situations, she has displayed her acting skills in the right proportion which makes her performance a stand-out one. Dhanush thinks that crying and acting as an abnormal person equates to a good performance, then he needs to rethink on the same.

G V Prakash Kumar’s music has its glimpses of brilliance in few places which is appreciated. Kola Bhaskar’s editing lets the film down and many loose sequences drags it unnecessarily. “Mayakkam Enna” has a running time of 150 minutes.

The film neither has a different storyline, nor a defining screenplay which would mean its box-office fortunes are limited. By the law of averages, Selvaraghavan has directed a sub-standard film which is definitely a huge let down by the ace film maker.

“Mayakkam Enna” disappoints badly.

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