20th Century Fox presents “Max Payne” is a movie based on the video game adaptation by the same name. Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg) is a cop in the cold-case department (A department where the cases without any substantial leads are pushed here) waiting to take revenge on the killers of his family.

Max Payne doesn’t know who the killers are but is sure that one of the assassins of his family is still at large. The reason behind his wife’s murder is what that baffles Max Payne. Max Payne then begins the pursuit for his target.

“Max Payne” though borrowed from a video game is a entertaining action film for all the enthusiastic movie buffs. The only point that was not in sync with the video game was the demons that keep flying in the movie.

Max Payne gets into trouble every time he gets closer to the villains. The people get killed and incidentally they would have been seen with Max Payne last.

Max Payne is then joined by Mona (Mila Kunis) as the sister of Natasha (Olga Kurylenko) who gets killed by the super-natural creatures strongly believes that Max Payne is the main culprit responsible for her sister’s death.

Mona then joins hands with Max Payne as she comes to know that they both are on the look out for the same guy to avenge their revenge for the personal loss experienced by them.

They both then find the mystery behind the tattoos and to the root cause that led to the rampage unleashed by the villains.

Max Payne gets support from BB (Beau Bridges) and Lt. Jim Bravura (Chris Ludacris Bridges) towards his conquest of his final destination. Whether he gets to finish of the villain or whether the villain gets the better of him forms the rest of the movie.

The movie has been modified to suit the ordinary audience in general. Beau Thorne’s screenplay is amazing that not in a single space of the movie one will find anything boring. Music by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders is perfectly in sync with the action taking place in the middle.

Director John Moore has made sure that the enthusiastic video gamers are not disappointed by this adaptation of their favorite game “Max Payne”.

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