Amma Creations after their successful comeback film “Saroja” have produced this heavy weight “Mariyathai” (Respect) that has Vijayakanth in the lead and Vikraman as the captain of the ship handling the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction. The duo who had made the super hit “Vaanathai Pola” years back has made an unsuccessful attempt to re-create the same old magic at the box-office. The story has got nothing new to offer nor the screenplay which has the trademark Vikraman’s stamp that fails to kindle any interest amongst the viewers.

Annamalai (Father Vijayakanth) is a very respectful person in the village with huge acres of land and a very happy family with his wife Alamelu (Ambika), Piccha (Son Vijayakanth) and his daughter. Annamalai is so motivating and gives freedom to his kids that Piccha frustrated with his name decides to call himself Raja for which he is given the green signal. Raja then decides to do his B.Sc in Agriculture and also tries certain innovative farming techniques which does not bear fruit and they end up losing lots of money for which he is not blamed at and all he gets is words of encouragement from his father.

Suddenly after a period of time we get to see that Annamalai and family live in a very small house and we wonder what has happened to them that has pushed them to this level. Chandra (Meera Jasmine) who introduces herself as the daughter of Annamalai’s friend comes to stay with them in the village. Chandra basically a fun-loving person wins the heart of everyone in the family except Raja whom she finds being always moody.

Chandra then decides to know why Raja does not behave in a normal way and that’s when she finds out the real reason behind the same. It so happened that sometime back Radha (Meena) gets introduced to Raja and after a while both fall in love and decide to get married and the family members of both accept to the same.

As fate would have it days before their marriage Radha’s family lands in a spot of bother when their house is being vacated due to non-payment of dues that Radha’s father had got from a local money-lender. Raja comes to her rescue and signs an agreement that the money will be paid by him and move ahead for their marriage.

On the day of marriage Radha and their family members do not turn-up for the marriage and at the same time Annamalai and Raja get a shock of their lives when they come to know that Radha has cheated them and her intention was only to get the land that was in the name of Raja to another person.

Chandra then feels for the family and takes it as a challenge to change Raja and in the process gets pushed to reveal her true-identity by virtue of circumstances and discloses that her main motive was only to help Annamalai’s family and not otherwise.

Vijayakanth in a dual-role has put in his best efforts to differentiate between the characters of father and son and as a viewer we find no difference between them except shades of grey hair for the older Vijayakanth. Ambika does her role as an innocent house-wife and a caring mother to perfection. Meera Jasmine after a hiatus in Tamil cinema has performed her role to perfection. Meena looks too stylish for the role and at the same time she has not been given a very powerful role to display her acting talent.

Sampath, Shanmugaraja are part of the villain group and its very difficult to understand how actors like Nasser and Nizhalgal Ravi had accepted to do roles that hardly get noticed. Music by Vijay Antony is very mediocre and the placement of songs at inappropriate sequences is a major irritant.

“Mariyathai” though a complete family drama has got mild political dialogues which his followers will be able to understand. Director Vikraman has once again tried to re-create the golden touch of his career in this film but unfortunately he is not up to the mark.


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